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Announcing the new Sabre 43 Salon Express

Announcing the Sabre 43 Salon Express. Designed as a direct replacement for the recently-retired Sabre 42 Salon Express, the new Sabre 43 draws appreciably from the best points of her older sister while incorporating significant technological innovations and answering some of the frequently-noted needs of boats this size.
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Introducing the Back Cove Yachts 372

The Back Cove 37 was launched in 2009 and has enjoyed an eleven-plus-year uninterrupted run resulting in more than 200 hulls. Often the life of a model is dictated by the longevity of the parts and tools used to make her, but the unprecedented popularity of the Back Cove 37 has already seen her through one rebuild of essential molds and tools. Now, the Back Cove Design Team will incorporate customer feedback and advancing technology to put a new spin on this Back Cove classic, resulting in the newly redesigned Back Cove 372.
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Boat Review: Back Cove 32

David Lockwood says it's hard to imagine a 32-footer that does more for less than this new Back Cove from Maine...
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Boat Review: Back Cove 41

Bigger is better with this new flagship designed to cosset two couples and appease a boating family. David Lockwood gets onboard the latest Back Cove...
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