Testimonial: Back Cove 37 - Miriam & Peter

We have had our Back Cove 37 for several years now, and what I love about E Marine - in particular Jed - is not just that he sold us our boat Tricky, it's the aftersales ervice of what he does. He goes beyond customer service.
Jed has become a very loyal friend and I would recommend E Marine and Back Cove to anyone. The service is outstanding, and the product is bringing so much joy to our lives, each and every day.
E Marine has made boating a dream, compared to when it used to be a dread from our previous boat. Since upgrading to a Back Cove, my life as a shipmate is a delight.
We highly recommend every boating person at least treats themselves to looking at a Back Cove before making a decision in the market.